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Grab your fedora and crack that whip, because we’re going on an adventure to uncover the best Indiana Jones gifts! Whether you’re a diehard fan who grew up watching the Harrison Ford classics or just appreciate witty, globetrotting archaeology adventures, we’ve got you covered. From Lego sets to replicas straight out of the movies, these presents will delight any Indy buff. Get ready to evade giant boulders, explore ancient ruins, and show your love for the legendary hero with unique Indiana Jones gifts perfect for all ages. Find Funko Pops, action figures, apparel, drinking accessories, and more packed with nostalgia. We’re highlighting everything from budget-friendly stocking stuffers to grail-level collectibles. Join us on a quest for the top gifts that would make even Indiana Jones jealous. Start polishing that golden idol and check out the coolest Indy merchandise for the fans in your life!

1. Indiana Jones Monopoly Game

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Indiana Jones Game,Inspired by The Indiana Jones Movies,Board Game for 2-6 Players,for Kids Ages 8 and Up

Quest for fortune and glory with Monopoly’s officially licensed Indiana Jones edition! This themed game celebrates the original Indy trilogy with custom art and tokens representing Jones’ hat, whip, and other iconic items. Land on spots like Temple of Doom and The Well of Souls as you collect the ancient artifacts. Evade danger with Fortune & Glory cards or test your luck against Traps & Chases cards. Packed with movie references, this 2-6 player game is a must-have adventure for Indy fans ages 8+. The detailed figures and quotes recapture the thrilling expeditions from the films. Gear up to play one of the most immersive Indiana Jones games out there!

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2. Indiana Jones Cryptic Board Game

Funko Indiana Jones Cryptic Board Game: A Puzzles and Pathways Adventure For 1 or more Players

Embark on a thrill-seeking adventure with Funko’s Indiana Jones Cryptic Board Game! Releasing December 2023, this immersive 1+ player game has you decoding clues, navigating perilous paths, and evading foes – just like Indy himself! With 3 distinct adventures full of cryptic envelopes and components, you’ll puzzle your way through over 80 pages of Dr. Jones’ journal across 18 iconic movie scenes. From outrunning the boulder to uncovering hidden temple treasure, this game offers an exciting new twist on escape rooms for ages 10+. Gear up to take on Nazis, cultists, and snakes – do you have what it takes to survive and complete your quest?

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3. Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark Funko Pop

Funko Pop! Movies: Indiana Jones - Raiders of The Lost Ark, Indiana Jones

Adventure awaits with this classic Funko Pop figure of Indiana Jones! This vinyl sculpture captures the adventuring archaeologist in his fedora, leather jacket, and satchel – ready to crack his whip and unearth ancient treasures. Standing 4.5″ tall, this collectible is modeled after Harrison Ford’s iconic role in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Recreate Dr. Jones’ cliffhanger escapades or display him alongside other beloved 80s icons. For ages 3+, this is a must-have toy for young imaginations and collectors alike!

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4. Indiana Jones Throw Me The Idol Board Game

Funko Games Indiana Jones Throw Me The Idol! Family Board Game Ages 7 and Up 2-10 Players

Gear up for thrilling adventure with Funko’s Indiana Jones “Throw Me the Idol” board game! Inspired by the classic films, this family-friendly game has 2-10 players teaming up to recreate iconic movie moments across 12 unique challenges. Custom sculpted components like the Golden Idol add immersive detail. With variable setups and 30-minute gameplay, it’s perfect for kids 7+ who want to evade traps, decode puzzles, and recover treasure like the legendary Dr. Jones. Releasing December 2023, this cinematic tabletop experience packs all the adrenaline of Indy’s on-screen expeditions!

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5. Indiana Jones Retro Video Cassette Case Christmas Ornament

Hallmark Indiana Jones Movie Retro Video Cassette Case Plastic Christmas Ornament (0003HCM1096)

Relive the magic of Indy’s first adventure with this retro VHS-style Indiana Jones ornament from Hallmark! Modeled after the original Raiders of the Lost Ark tape case, this plastic collectible captures the 80s and 90s nostalgia. Part of the official Keepsake series, this 1.5” ornament features rich detailing on the faux box. This is a fun throwback Christmas gift for the tree of any Indy fan. Whether you grew up watching the films on VHS or discovered them later, this ornament is a clever tribute to one of cinema’s greatest action-adventure classics!

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6. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Indy Sun T-Shirt

Lucasfilm Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Indy Sun T-Shirt

Show your love for the adventuring archaeologist with this cool Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny t-shirt from Lucasfilm! The stylized design features Indy’s silhouette in a sun-drenched window, with the bold red movie logo front and center. Available in classic cotton blends and color choices like heather gray, this tee has a lightweight, comfy fit perfect for everyday wear. As official merchandise, it’s a great gift for fans with the 2023 film release. It comes in a range of colors so you can coordinate with friends or family for your next theme park visit!

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7. Indiana Jones Holy Grail Diary Classic Movie Prop

keebgyy Indiana Jones Holy Grail Diary, Classic Movie Prop Replica Jones Grail Diary Prop Collection Cosplay Vintage Writing Journal Notebook, Movie Fans Gift Notebook

Immerse yourself in Indiana Jones lore with this meticulously crafted Holy Grail diary prop replica. This handmade journal authentically recreates the iconic Grail diary from The Last Crusade. Artfully distressed and weathered, the book features 24 printed inserts on textured paper, just like the movie prop. This highly detailed replica is very detailed, and a thoughtful gift for collectors and cosplayers alike, this portable diary lets you chronicle your own adventures while paying tribute to the adventuring archaeologist. Indy fans will love it.

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8. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Henry Jones Sr. Funko Pop

Funko Pop! Movies: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - Henry Jones Sr.

Bring home the distinguished Professor Henry Jones Sr. with this fun Funko Pop vinyl figure. Modeled after Sean Connery’s iconic role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, this 3.75” figure authentically captures the adventuring archaeologist’s father in his tweed suit and bowtie, complete with signature umbrella accessory. As official merchandise, it’s a great collectible for fans of the classic Harrison Ford films. From the detailed facial expression that perfectly encapsulates Connery’s portrayal, to the iconic umbrella prop that completes the look, this figure pays tribute to one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. For collectors and movie buffs alike, this is a must-have piece of memorabilia that would make a great addition to any Indy collection.

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9. Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark Metal Sign Movie Poster

Vintage Poster 1981 Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost ark Movie Metallic Tin Sign Poster Printed Bar Restaurant Club lovers Gift 8 x 12 inch

Relive an action-adventure classic with this vintage tin sign featuring the original 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark poster art! At 8 x 12 inches, this sturdy metallic poster captures the first big-screen escapade of Indiana Jones in all its retro glory. With Harrison Ford front and center as the swashbuckling archaeologist, this collectible sign calls to mind the intrigue and nostalgia of seeing Indy crack his whip on the big screen for the first time. Pre-drilled corners make it easy to hang this lightweight decoration on the wall of any fan den or movie memorabilia room. This is a fantastic gift idea for Indiana Jones buffs and retro decor lovers!

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10. Indiana Jones Men’s All Seasons Outback

Indiana Jones Men's All Seasons Outback, Brown, Medium

Look the part of a globe-trotting adventurer with this classic Indiana Jones-style wool felt hat! Inspired by the iconic fedora worn by Harrison Ford in the films, this weatherproof hat has a 3” brim and grosgrain band complete with an Indy pin. It’s an officially licensed piece of Indy gear made from 100% crushable wool felt, so you can fearlessly embark on your own expeditions while channeling the daring archaeologist. According to enthusiastic reviews, fans say it “looks great” and fits true to size for superior comfort. Made to handle any adventure, this hat allows you to feel like a “real explorer” whether cracking a whip to escape danger or just strolling through the local market!

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11. Indiana Jones Escape from The Lost Tomb Lego Set

LEGO Indiana Jones Escape from The Lost Tomb 77013 Building Toy, Featuring a Mummy and an Indiana Jones Minifigure from Raiders of The Lost Ark Movie, Gift Idea for Kids Ages 8+

Relive an iconic movie moment with this immersive Lego set recreating Indiana Jones’ thrilling escape from the Lost Tomb! This 6” tall brick recreation assembles the Anubis-guarded tomb and wall trap straight from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The highly detailed build includes a hidden passageway and Indy and Mummy minifigures that look straight out of the action-packed scene. With 600+ plastic pieces, this is an engaging project for ages 8+ to construct and play out adventures. Lego perfectly captured the movie’s characters and environments, making this set a must-have for young Indiana Jones fans. From the authentic figurines to functional trap and passage, it’s a fun, interactive tribute to the legendary adventuring archaeologist!

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12. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Action Figure

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Adventure Series (Last Crusade) Action Figure, 6-inch Action Figures, Ages 4 and up

Your adventures need a hero, so grab this detailed Indiana Jones action figure from Hasbro! Modeled after Harrison Ford’s portrayal in The Last Crusade, this 6-inch figure captures Indy in his leather jacket and famed fedora. The archaeologist comes equipped with his iconic accessories including a detachable pistol, whip, and machine gun. With multiple points of articulation, you can pose Dr. Jones in any number of action poses as he escapes danger and hunts for ancient artifacts. Part of Hasbro’s officially licensed Adventure Series, this is a sturdy, imaginative toy for kids ages 4 and up. So grab your toy whip and get ready to crack open some excitement, just like the legendary Indy!

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13. Raiders of Lost Ark Golden Idol Statue Movie Prop

Kuberas Golden Indiana Fertility Idol Statue Sculpture Raiders of Lost Ark Jones Cosplay Props Movie Replica Collection Figure Decor

Add a touch of fortune and glory to your home with this replica Golden Idol statue! Inspired by the coveted relic in Raiders of the Lost Ark, this goddess figurine is cast in resin and hand-painted in gilded tones. Her distinct fertility deity design and glimmering finish capture the mystique of the cinematic treasure. An authentic prop for Indiana Jones cosplayers and superfans, she also makes an intriguing decor piece for any collection. Display her amongst other movie memorabilia or let her shine bright atop a shelf as a conversation starter. Make the switch and watch for the bolder with this piece of cinematic treasure.

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14. Indiana Jones Escape with Idol Deluxe Statue

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark: Escape with Idol Deluxe Gallery Statue

Relive an iconic movie moment with this detailed Indiana Jones diorama statue! Inspired by the famous opening boulder chase in Raiders of the Lost Ark, this sculpture captures Indy sprinting away, the golden idol in hand, as a massive boulder barrels behind him. Expertly crafted and painted, the adventuring archaeologist is frozen mid-run. This is a must-have centerpiece for diehard Indiana Jones fans to display. Let this immersive statue transport you right back to the thrilling opening sequence that kicked off a legendary franchise. Also, be sure to see this Funko Pop Moment depicting the same great scene. They both are unique Indiana Jones gifts that fans will love.

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15. Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection (Raiders of the Lost Ark / Temple of Doom / Last Crusade / Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Gear up for non-stop adventure with this 5-disc DVD collection featuring all four Indiana Jones films! Starring Harrison Ford as the swashbuckling archaeologist, this action-packed set includes the legendary trilogy – Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade – plus The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Following Indy’s escapades across the globe, these classics are packed with adrenaline-fueled exploits that withstand the test of time. This is a must-own for diehard Indy buffs. With top-notch picture and sound, plus behind-the-scenes extras, these timeless adventures never get old. The perfect gift to relive Dr. Jones’ iconic quests for ancient artifacts and treasure!

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16. Indiana Jones Engraved Pint Glass

INDIANA JONES | Engraved Pint Glass

Toast your love for adventure with this handsome engraved Indiana Jones pint glass! Expertly laser-etched with iconic Indy imagery like his hat and whip, this sturdy glass elevates your barware to bold new heights. The crisp, detailed engraving showcases the classic Harrison Ford films for an artful ode to the daring archaeologist. The clear, quality design makes this an ideal gift that perfectly captures the Indiana Jones spirit. Whether displayed in your home bar or showcased at your next screening party, this 16oz glass is a stylish must-have for diehard Indy lovers!

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17. Indiana Jones It’s Not The Years It’s The Mileage Wood Wall Decor

Open Road Brands Disney Indiana Jones It's Not The Years It's The Mileage Wood Wall Decor - Classic Indiana Jones Sign for Man Cave or Movie Room

Add some adventuring spirit to your walls with this Indiana Jones-themed wall decor! Showcasing the classic “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage” quote on distressed wood, this rectangular sign evokes the grit and humor of the iconic franchise. Measuring 9.8” x 14.7”, it features the classic Indy hat and whip. It’s officially licensed and with quality construction and eye-catching design. Add some adventure to a media room or any room, this makes an awesome gift for any Indy fan who may have a few miles on them. A conversation-starting accent piece for fans to relive Raiders of the Lost Ark nostalgia! Also, be sure to see this Raiders T-Shirt with the same classic quote.

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18. Indiana Jones Brown Trucker Hat

Raiders of The Lost Ark Indiana Jones Brown Trucker Hat

Transport yourself back to 1981 with this retro Raiders of the Lost Ark trucker hat! The brown cotton-poly front panel features a cool Indiana Jones logo any fan will appreciate. The snap closure allows a custom fit for any adventure seeker. This hat is a wearable symbol of the original thrilling escapade that introduced the world to the adventuring archaeologist. Whether you’re a collector displaying movie memorabilia or just love vintage style, this hat lets you feel like you’re right there with Indy on a daring quest!

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19. Indiana Jones Brown Leather Jacket

Men's Raiders of The Lost Ark Brown Leather jacket | Brown distressed Leather Jacket Harrison American Bomber Leather Coat

Look just like Indy with this distressed brown leather jacket modeled after the iconic outerwear from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Made from soft, genuine leather, this bomber-style coat replicates the rugged adventurer style with a belted waist, shirt collar, and open hem cuffs. Available in sizes XS-4XL, it’s designed to give you a flexible fit for cracking whips or grabbing idols. The vintage look and quality construction, make it perfect for channeling the daring archaeologist. Zip up this replica to complete your Indiana Jones costume or just add some retro flair to your everyday wardrobe.

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20. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Photo Print

Film still from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Photo Print (10 x 8)

Relive an iconic father-son moment from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with this 10″ x 8″ photo print from Posterazzi. Vividly capturing Indy and his dad’s adventure-packed motorbike ride, this licensed reproduction print brings all the colorful action to life. Expertly printed on heavy stock paper using premium inks, the dynamic film still showcases the duo riding off together into the desert sunset. At an easily frameable size, this is a great commemorative piece of memorabilia for any fan to decorate their home with. Whether you cherish the humorous rapport between Ford and Connery or just love the fast-paced action, this classic movie scene photo will transport you right back to a legendary big screen adventure!

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21. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Movie Logo T-Shirt

Lucasfilm Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Movie Logo T-Shirt

Celebrate the latest big-screen adventure with this Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny t-shirt! Showcasing the bold red movie logo on black cotton, this tee lets you rep the latest sequel starring Harrison Ford as the legendary archaeologist. Available in styles for men, women, and youth, this machine washable shirt is easy to incorporate into any Indiana Jones fan’s wardrobe. This comfy tee is perfect to wear to the theatre. Whether you grew up with the originals or just discovered Indy, this shirt lets you display your love of the series by celebrating the final film!

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22. Raiders of The Lost Ark Marion Funko Pop

Funko Pop! Movies: Indiana Jones - Raiders of The Lost Ark, Marion Ravenwood

Add the feisty Marion Ravenwood to your Funko Pop collection with this Indiana Jones series collectible! Modeled after Karen Allen’s spitfire character in Raiders of the Lost Ark, this figure depicts Marion in her iconic white dress and brown boots, ready to take on the world. The stylized sculpt captures her determination, while the precise paintwork recreates her signature look from the classic adventure film. The likeness is spot-on and collectors will love displaying her alongside their Indy collection. With impressive detailing in a compact size, this is a must-have memento of Marion’s role as Indy’s tough and resourceful partner in archaeology!

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23. Fortune And Glory Indiana Jones Wall Art

Fortune and glory, kid... fortune and glory. - Indiana Jones Art by Kelly Design Company Poster Metal Tin Sign Vintage 8x12 Inch

Relive an iconic quote from The Temple of Doom with this vintage-look Indiana Jones tin sign! At 8″ x 12″, this sturdy metal sign showcases Indy’s memorable “Fortune and glory, kid” line set against a painted image of the adventurer. With vivid colors and a distressed finish, this wall decor evokes a retro, pop culture feel. The lightweight and compact size make it easy to hang anywhere from home bars to college dorms. This sign is a quality piece of wall art for a diehard Indy fan or someone who just loves quirky memorabilia, this sign captures the humor and nostalgia of the Harrison Ford classic film series!

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24. Indiana Jones Lao Che Air Freight T-Shirt

GOERTPO Indiana Jones Lao Che Air Freight Men's T-Shirt

Transport back to 1984 and suit up for a flight with this Lao Che Air Freight T-shirt! The logo for the fictitious airline from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is emblazoned on soft cotton in a cool distressed print. Only fellow Indy fans will catch the reference to the airline owned by the infamous villain from the second film in the series. Available in various sizes, this machine washable tee fits comfortably and works for fans of all ages. A unique Indiana Jones gift that is perfect for any adventure!

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25. Indiana Jones Stickers Pack

51Pcs Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark Stickers Pack | Classic Movie Vinyl Waterproof Stickers for Water Bottle,Skateboard,Laptop,Phone,Car Decal Stickers for Adults Teens Kids

Show your love for the legendary adventurer with this pack of 51 vinyl Indiana Jones stickers! Featuring a range of iconic movie scenes and characters from Raiders of the Lost Ark, these durable stickers let you decorate water bottles, laptops, phones, and more. The high-quality vinyl ensures the art stays vibrant even with sun exposure and water. Pay tribute to Indy cracking his whip, exploring ancient temples, outsmarting foes, and uncovering lost treasure. The variety of sticker sizes and designs make these perfect for anyone who appreciates the nostalgia and action of the classic Harrison Ford films!

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26. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom Glowing Sankara Stones Replica

HEITIGN Glow in The Dark Rocks Glowing Stones Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom Glowing Sankara Stones, Resin Replica, Cosplay Props Home Decoration Collectibles (HEITIGNxuv5khg8no)

Transport yourself back to the Temple of Doom with this glowing replica set of three Sankara stones! Inspired by the coveted relics from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, these hand-crafted resin stones feature embedded LEDs to emanate an otherworldly aura. The highly detailed carvings and metal-look finish give the trio an authentically ancient appearance. Positioned together, these mystical props cast ambient lighting perfect for home decor. Harness the stones’ power and light up your space with movie memorabilia magic!

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27. The Complete Making of Indiana Jones: The Definitive Story Behind All Four Films

The Complete Making of Indiana Jones: The Definitive Story Behind All Four Films

Uncover the complete behind-the-scenes story of the legendary Indiana Jones saga with this definitive filmmaking chronicle. Packed with hundreds of photos and insider details, this book takes fans on an immersive adventure through the making of all four Indy films. From exclusive cast and crew interviews to concept drawings and set design secrets, this is the ultimate backstage pass. At nearly 400 pages, it leaves no relic buried, covering everything from writing the iconic whip cracks to creating innovative special effects. This is a holy grail collectible for devotees of Indy magic and movie-making. Relive the creation of an iconic cinematic hero with the tales that built the franchise!

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28. Indiana Jones Retro Action Figure

Indiana Jones INJ RE Birr for 4 YEARS+, Includes Figure

Adventure awaits with this retro-style Indiana Jones action figure! This poseable Indy toy captures all the daring of the iconic adventurer. With multiple points of articulation and meticulous sculpting, he’s ready to crack his whip and grab his hat for your imaginative expeditions. Kids ages 4+ will love recreating scenes with this sturdy figure equipped with movie-accurate accessories. For collectors, it’s a nostalgic blast from the past! This classic toy channels the retro adventures of everyone’s favorite archaeologist. Let the quests begin and relive the magic with this vintage-inspired Indiana Jones!

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29. Indiana Jones Funko Something Wild Card Game

Funko Something Wild! Card Game - Indiana Jones

Add wild adventures to family game night with Funko’s Something Wild Indiana Jones card game! This fast-paced game for 2-4 players includes an exclusive Funko Pop Indy figure to fight over as you use power cards to steal points. With 45-character cards and simple 15-minute playtime, it’s an accessible game kids 6+ will love. Race against other players to win with wits, not whips! With strategic card play and a bit of backstabbing, channel your inner archaeological treasure hunter. A perfect combo of Pop culture style and lively family gameplay.

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30. Indiana Jones Staff of Ra Headpiece Electronic Display

Indiana Jones Hasbro and The Raiders of The Lost Ark Adventure Series Staff of Ra Headpiece Electronic Roleplay Talisman Costume Cosplay (F8033)

Transport yourself back to Raiders of the Lost Ark with this replica Staff of Ra headpiece! Inspired by the ancient medallion from the classic film, this highly detailed prop replicates the iconic sun-embossed disc atop a partial staff. The removable headpiece features light-up inscriptions surrounding a clear “crystal” center, recreating the talisman’s mystical glow. Metallic finishes and weathered accents make this display-ready replica feel like a museum artifact. It’s a dream prop for Indy cosplayers and collectors alike. Perfect for those seeking adventure, this conversation-starting centerpiece immerses you in Egyptian intrigue. Gear up and let the quest for the Well of Souls begin!

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31. Indiana Jones Legends Never Die Indiana Photo Collage

Legends Never Die Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Collage Photo Frame, 11' x 14', (16165U)

Relive the magic of Raiders of the Lost Ark with this framed collector’s photo collage! Featuring two iconic shots of Indiana Jones plus a history bio, each component is bevel-cut and double-matted to create dimension. Harrison Ford strikes an action pose, while a close-up highlights his intensity. Placed in a sleek black frame, this handsome display commemorates Indy cracking his whip and racing through crumbling ruins. As official Raiders artwork under glass, it immerses any room in adventure. The descriptive plaque details Dr. Jones’ origins for an added touch. A thoughtful gift to showcase cinematic nostalgia with prime placement on your wall!

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32. Indiana Jones Style Real Cowhide Leather Bull Whip

Indiana Jones Style Bull Whip 6 Foot 8 Plaits Real Cow Hide Leather Bullwhip Black

Crack into adventure with this bullwhip, inspired by the iconic Indiana Jones films! Expertly braided from genuine cowhide leather, this 8-plait whip measures 6ft long and mimics the one wielded by Harrison Ford. It features movie-accurate details like a Turks head knot handle, wrist loop, 12-inch fall, and 8-inch popper for satisfying cracks. Whether you’re an equestrian honing your skills or preparing for the next archaeological escapade, this high-quality whip is built to perform. Made from premium materials, it provides commanding cracks to complete your Indy cosplay or whip practice. Let the journey begin and discover your inner heroic archaeologist!

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33. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Fighter Plane Chase Lego Set

LEGO Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Fighter Plane Chase 77012 Building Set, Featuring a Buildable Car and Airplane Toy, 3 Minifigures Including Indiana Jones, Birthday Gift for Kids 8-12 Years Old

Recreate high-flying movie action with the Lego Indiana Jones Fighter Plane Chase set! Inspired by the aerial escapades in The Last Crusade, this buildable playset includes an Indy Minifigure, Henry Jones Sr., and a pilot for imaginative adventures. Kids can construct a fighter plane with detachable wings, plus Indy’s convertible containing treasure-hunting gadgets. With fun references from the Harrison Ford classic, it sparks creative play for ages 8-12. Part of the official Indy building collection, this 333-piece set works great paired with Temple of the Golden Idol and Escape from the Lost Tomb for endless mix-and-match fun!

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34. Indiana Jones Canvas Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Rothco Canvas Medic Bag Crossbody Shoulder Bag with Leather Closing Straps,Brown

Keep your gear strapped and ready for adventure with Indy’s classic canvas messenger bag! This rugged shoulder bag is constructed from heavyweight canvas, measuring a spacious 12.5” x 11” x 3.5”. The large main compartment and front flap closure securely carry books, devices, and other essentials. Leather straps add a handsome finish while ensuring your belongings stay put. With a fully adjustable strap for comfort, this vintage-look bag works for school, work, travel, and everyday use. Made from hardwearing materials, this bag will endure daily use for years. Gear up and stay prepared with this durable, old-school Indiana Jones style bag!

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35. Indiana Jones Temple of The Golden Idol Lego Set

LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of The Golden Idol 77015 Building Project for Adults, Iconic Raiders of The Lost Ark Movie Scene, Includes 4 Minifigures: Indiana Jones, Satipo, Belloq and a Hovitos Warrior

Adventure builders, the Temple of the Golden Idol awaits! This Lego set for adults recreates the iconic Raiders of the Lost Ark opening with stunning detail. The highly complex 1,176-piece model assembles the ancient temple, complete with light-up idols and booby traps like collapsing walls and a rolling boulder. Includes Lego versions of Indy, Satipo, Belloq, and a Hovitos warrior for added nostalgia. With interactive play features bringing key movie moments to life, it’s a challenging and rewarding build experience. Part of the official Indy building collection, pair it with the Plane Chase and Lost Tomb sets for the ultimate building adventure! Relive the magic brick by brick.

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