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Giving a unique Nicolas Cage gift to the superfan in your life is sure to leave them Moonstruck. You know once they start to unwrap their cool Nicolas Cage merch the wrapping paper will be Gone in 60 Seconds. Is it a real gift or a gag gift? Who knows, but we’ve got you covered with a great selection of Nicolas Cage gift ideas that are Kick-Ass.

1. Nicolas Cage Faux Oil Painting

Face-Off with this hilarious poster and you won’t stop laughing. Match this faux painting with a gold frame for the ultimate Nic Cage gift. Any true Nicolas Cage fan will proudly display this with pride in a place of honor on their wall.

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2. Nicolas Cage Mood Mug

Looking for the perfect Nicolas Cage white elephant gift for your next office party. Then this Next piece of Nicolas Cage merchandise is for you. Display how you feel with one of nine perfect Nic Cage photos. Let the great method actor mug on your mug today.

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3. Raising Arizona Framed Autograph Mugshot

Turn to the right! Unleash their inner Holly Hunter with this sweet Raising Arizona gift. This replica signed photo comes framed and matted so it’s ready to wrap. Nicolas Cage gave us all the gift of H.I. McDunnough, now you can too!

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4. Nicolas Cage Sticker Pack

Knowing how much your friend love’s Nic Cage, why not make them smile with this 20 pack of stickers. Either decorate for them or just give them the pack so they can pass along the love to someone else, either way, you can’t go wrong with this cool Cage gag gift.

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5. Nicolas Cage Christmas Ornament

Here it is. The Nicolas Cage bad Santa gift you’ve been looking for. It’s red and shiny with the famous meme image of Nic Cage from Con Air front and center. You may just want to keep this one for yourself. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this festive Nicolas Cage merch on the tree.

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6. Saint Nicolas Cage Candle

Give a gift that protects against the Dying of the Light with this incredible Saint Nicolas Cage candle. This is high-quality can’t miss Nicolas Cage merchandise for Christmas time or anytime. Sure to be a hit with any fan.

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7. Nicolas Cage Lifesize Cutout

Knowing how much your friend loves Nicolas Cage, why not bring him to the party with this lifesize cutout. Give this as a Nicolas Cage birthday gift for an endless supply of great photos and great laughs. Nicolas is always the life of the party. Goes great with an Elvis cutout. Nic was once married to his daughter you know.

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